anish ghosh – suburbs (feat. DH Valentino & Mikey Dinero)

i wrote this song about how easing the summer can feel living in the suburbs. hope you guys liked it. i produced and made the cover for this track :)


recording castafellas at ohmyghoshstudios

In November 2016, my partner Jake Himmel and I recorded and produced a punk pop band from Davie Fl. Here are the final tracks they released with us:

All of their music is available on iTunes and Spotify as well.

production of vincent mango

in septermber 2015, i recorded and produced vincent mango in my studio, with “blue” being the most popular. a local indie rock band. the tracks i made them allowed them to perform at guitar center live session, cisĀ studios, full sail university, and underground coffeehaus, all in south florida.

the tracks i produced for them also allowed them to make a relationship with wallace, a local band, and glasshouse, which is a group that produces independent music for several exclusive bands, now including Vincent Mango.

here are their first tracks:



velvet afternoon


black cabaret

no left ear

little number

our toxic paradise debut album in 2014 – 2015

on january 1st, i released my first self-produced album with two of my old friends (drummer and lead guitarist).

here are a few tracks:

go on

this song was the first song i ever wrote. i composed it in 8th grade and perfected it that summer (2014).


this song was the most popular song in the album. i composed most of the song and had elijah pierre-antoine write the drum part

the new project

this is the first song i ever recorded and mastered. i was quite unbeknownst at the time and i did a direct in on guitars and only recorded mono for drums. nevertheless it still is my first production. i composed all of the song except the 7/4 solo in the outro.