reasons (acoustic original)

this song is called reasons, i wrote it in late december and it will be on my band’s next album. add me and my band on twitter for more updates @hinduanish @deepseasmusic

“white.” album release

today my band’s album was released!

i spent hours recording, mixing, and mastering these tracks. i learned a lot about midi instruments in the studio. the album was recorded in my in home studio over the course of three weeks.

here are two of the tracks, all deep seas tracks can be found on spotify, itunes, and google play.


alone again


“the stage concert”

on november 10th, I organized a large concert for cypress bay Students. we named the show “the stage” and showcased five incredible bands including my own. over 200 people were in the audience and we were able to make these bands popular in school.

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promo for “white.”

my band will release a new album on november 10th at “the stage” concert!!!

here is some pictures from our promotional photo shoot.

IMG_0821 IMG_0828 (1) IMG_0810 IMG_0783 (1)

memorial for maximo

in honor of a student who passed away recently,  i organized a free show at markham park. max passed due to a careless car accident and we just hope that he rests in peace.

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deep seas – first music video

here’s the music video i made for my band’s first hit: “home”

I wrote this song in january  2016 and it quickly became a popular song at our shows. this song was also our first recorded release.

deep seas in the studio

my band, deep seas is spending the entire summer in the studio. these are the tracks we have completed so far. they are self produced and recorded in my house. hope you like them!