sleepwalking (cover) – deep seas

two-thirds of my new/old band messing around with an acoustic guitar. come out on jan. 28th, to brew urban – 537 nw 1st ave, fort lauderdale, fl 33311, from 8:00pm to see deep seas play with vincent mango.

deep seas
twitter& instagram: @deepseasmusic

production of vincent mango

in septermber 2015, i recorded and produced vincent mango in my studio, with “blue” being the most popular. a local indie rock band. the tracks i made them allowed them to perform at guitar center live session, cis┬ástudios, full sail university, and underground coffeehaus, all in south florida.

the tracks i produced for them also allowed them to make a relationship with wallace, a local band, and glasshouse, which is a group that produces independent music for several exclusive bands, now including Vincent Mango.

here are their first tracks:



velvet afternoon


black cabaret

no left ear

little number

our toxic paradise debut album in 2014 – 2015

on january 1st, i released my first self-produced album with two of my old friends (drummer and lead guitarist).

here are a few tracks:

go on

this song was the first song i ever wrote. i composed it in 8th grade and perfected it that summer (2014).


this song was the most popular song in the album. i composed most of the song and had elijah pierre-antoine write the drum part

the new project

this is the first song i ever recorded and mastered. i was quite unbeknownst at the time and i did a direct in on guitars and only recorded mono for drums. nevertheless it still is my first production. i composed all of the song except the 7/4 solo in the outro.

Until Indigo – Battle of the Bands

here, at west broward’s battle of the bands, i won my first competition in a band. i love this group and loved my time playing bass with these great musicians. unfortunately the band broke up because we were all going to different high schools. but the drummer of this band and one of my best friends, elijah pierre, became the drummer of my much more successful project: deep seas.

a great twist on chelsea grin’s “elysium” (cover)

here’s my joyful interpretation of “elysium”
the video is not coherent with the audio exactly, in the audio there are 6 separate guitar tracks and a bass guitar track.Here’s a link to the original song if you’d like to listen to it.…
this cover took 4 to 5 days including breaks and learning the original song and converting it over to the acoustic feel. sorry there’s no guitar solo, it didn’t sound right clean.

hope y’all love It.